Healthy Pet Notes

Veterinary Notes for Healthy, Happy Pets


  • To prevent heartworm infection and keep internal parasites under control… keep your dogs and cats on heartworm preventative at all times.  One mosquito bite to an unprotected pet is all it takes. One dose a month is all that is needed.


  • Control and prevent fleas and ticks with a monthly treatment.  These products will also help control/prevent skin problems, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and intestinal worms.


  • Old age is not a disease, but many diseases are common in older animals.  It is important to monitor older animals closely and discuss any changes with your veterinarian.  Dogs and cats become senior citizens between 6-8 years of age depending on size and breed.  We recommend more frequent physical exams (every 6 months) and yearly bloodwork to evaluate your animal for early signs of disease.  Nutritional requirements can change in older animals especially with ongoing disease.  Let us help you maintain your pet’s quality of life throughout their golden years.   Ask about our senior wellness program.


  • Ask your doctor and your veterinarian about “the healthy power of pets,” the ability of pets to make  and keep people healthy. Let us help…a healthy pet can be the perfect prescription for human health, happiness and longevity.


  • Let us help you with parasite control. If your deworming program misses one worm you can miss the whole family.  A roundworm can produce 100,000 eggs a day and a hookworm can produce 20,000 eggs a day.


  • Be Sure to Secure — At 30 miles per hour a 60 lb dog can  hit the windshield, back seat or a passenger with great force.  Please secure your pet when traveling to avoid any injuries.


  • Spend a few minutes at   for tips on how we can help you with the identification and care of your pet.